HES in the News

HES in the News

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Eat Well Mobile Grocery Store 

Healthy Eating New Jersey

April Schetler, MS, RD, and Dr. Nicole Vaughn  (HES faculty) are reaching out the community to encourage healthy eating in a retro-fitted NJ transit bus. This mobile grocery store will bring elderly and low-income communities access to fresh produce.


COVID-19  Study Aids Student Athletes 

Athletes and COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on all our lives, but the impact on our student athletes has been less apparant. Instead of making assumptions, Dr. Bullard set out to determine exactly what our student athletes were feeling based on the gender, race and ethnicity, institution, and academic year. Check out the Study


Grants Awarded 

NJ Initiatives Grant

NJ Health Initiatives (Through Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) Grant for $50,000 awarded to Mahbubur Meenar (Investigator, Geography and and Sustainabilty) Dr. Leslie Spencer (co-Invensitgator) to address upstream challenges to health and health equity by focusing on access to affordable healthy food. Click here to learn more about the grant!​​



Dr. JoAnne Bullard and student Phillip Brenner have been awarded a $ 2,0099.40 grant for her reasearch project entitled "The Midful Injured Athlete Program: Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Division III Student- Athletes in Athletic Training Rehabilitation". Click here to learn more!