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BS Community Health

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The Community Health major studies the health and wellness of the community as a whole, and the various initiatives, programs, and practices designed to improve its health. Rowan University’s Community Health program is focused on the areas of responsibility expressed by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC). The Community Health program engages students in the seven NCHEC areas of assessment, planning, implementation, research and evaluation, service and advocacy and the administration of public health and health education programming. The Community Health program prepares graduates for the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) examination, for graduate and professional school programs as well as for various community and public health positions.

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Shari Willis, PhD
Community Health Program Coordinator
856-256-4500 ext. 53702

Nicole A. Vaughn, PhD
Community Health Program Faculty
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Robert Weaver, PhD
Community Health Program Faculty
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Kelly Young
Academic Advisor
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What is Community Health?

Community Health aims to elevate the health and wellness of all members of the community. The discipline seeks to not only maintain and protect the health of the community, but go beyond these aspects to improve the health of the community.  The professional path for those entering into careers will work to combine knowledge from health, science, research and strategies/interventions to improve health in a culturally suitable method to improve quality of life and health status for the people in the community. Community health professionals work in a multi-facet environment and work in all areas of health. 

Community health professionals have a myriad of responsibilities or possibilities in their positions.  Of the utmost importance is to engage with community members to promote positive health.  From this aspect, community health professionals will engage in essential tasks like monitoring the health of the community, investigate health issues and concerns in the community, develop programs, and assessment of health programs and policies. 

In the recent past there have been many highly notable issues in health that Community and Public Health professionals has been instrumental.  For example, the Madagascar Plague seen in 2017 had over 200 deaths in a short period of time.  Health professionals  needed to react to the outbreak and become proactive in stopping the spread. These professionals created a surveillance to identify cases, cultivated public awareness, promoted prevention and promoted vector control among many other needed duties. Closer to home we have seen multiple natural disasters from hurricanes wherein Community Health Professionals were engaged in the aid of the community members, but also stopping spread of disease and distributing safe drinking water.  From these two examples, there are many aspects available for Community Health Professionals to be involved.  Some professionals dedicate their careers to one specific area or health while other work in many areas.


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