FAQ BS in Nutrition

FAQ BS in Nutrition

Frequently Asked Questions - BS in Nutrition with Exercise Science Specialization

1. What is the goal of the BS in Nutrition with an Exercise Science degree?

Through completion of the program in Nutrition with an Exercise Science Specialization, the combination of two essential areas of expertise will prepare graduates to enter graduate school in several health related fields or seek employment as nutrition educators, counselors and exercise specialists to serve clients in fitness center, hospital, worksite, community and school-based wellness and fitness programs.

2. How many students are accepted into BS in Nutrition with an Exercise Science degree?

The Exercise Science specialization is a non-restricted major at the University. This means that any student at the University may choose to major in Nutrition with this specialization

3. What is required to graduate with a BS in Nutrition with an Exercise Science degree?

Exercise Science specialization students must earn a D or higher in all major courses (unless a specific course requires a C- or higher) and must have an overall GPA of 2.0 and a major GPA of 2.0 prior to completing the Senior Internship in the final semester.

4. Do Exercise Science specialization students complete an internship?

Yes, they complete a 9-credit, 400-hour internship in their final semester at an approved, professional site that offers them an opportunity to use their knowledge and skills in the combined disciplines of nutrition and exercise science.